Welcome to our website!

BORUSH Ltd offers a unique combination of services aiming to:
- building or improving your internal (in-house) Management System;
- supporting ytour activities in connection with dangerous goods transportation;  
- preparing for certification or assessment in accordance with international standards and evaluation systems;
- performing certification and surveillance QMS audits 
all that with only one target: your moving to a better market position.

We have a lot experience and the necessary qualification to be able to propose to you an individual way for implementing your ideas in compliance with the specific local and international requirements. 

The main principles of our policy to our customers are providing high-quality managing of the projects, confidentiality, loyalty, effectiveness and efficiency of each stage of our mutual activities. 
It isnot necessary to build a highway to reach your target.
It is enough to have only your own path.  
We will be by your side and help you discover and build it!

BG-1164 Sofia, 70 Krichim str.
+359 899 122 746